A migrant in Germany found many highly toxic deadly poison

In the apartment of a migrant living in German Cologne, discovered the ricin, an extremely toxic poison of plant origin. About it writes on Wednesday, June 13, the newspaper Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger.

the 29-year-old native of Tunisia, was arrested the evening of June 12. The police came to the man, receiving data about a large number of toxic substances which he ordered and after getting stored at home.

the Newspaper points out that while the version about preparation of a terrorist attack law enforcement can not be excluded. Now the men are being investigated under the article about “a serious act of violence that threatens the state”. At the same time, the experts should check the composition of the found substances and to determine exactly if it was in the possession of a migrant numbers to represent any kind of threat.

Initially, the police detained as a Tunisian and his wife: a convert to Islam and a German citizen. However, the woman is almost immediately released. It is noted that the couple have four minor children.

According to the newspaper, the suspect came to Germany in November 2016. Until recently he had not committed a crime and was not to accept the police.

Ricin is a white powder without odor, soluble in water, six times more poisonous than potassium cyanide. The antidote to him there. To damage to health or even lethal, this poison may cause only case that enters the body through the respiratory tract or directly into the blood, and in a certain concentration.