A Pakistani girl was killed for refusing to marry him

In Pakistan, a man shot and killed a girl for refusing to marry him. The crime was caught on surveillance cameras, reports The News.

According to police, a man named Abrar worked as a security guard at a bus company. He proposed worked at this firm to a colleague — 18-year-old by the name Mehwish, but she rejected him. Because of this, the man followed her after work and then shot in the head. She died on the spot. Judging by the shots from the camera before the shot Abrar grabbed her hand and managed to say something.

according to the newspaper, the guard tried to flee the scene, but other employees detained him and handed over to the police. It is reported that she was the only breadwinner in the family after the death of her father.

In late may in the UK for three and a half years in prison sentenced a woman who tricked daughter to go to Pakistan. There the girl was forcibly married off to a man twice your age. When she said she didn’t want to marry, the woman beat her and threatened to burn the passport.