Activists rally against the slave trade were taken to the jungle and raped

In the Indian state of Jharkhand was abducted by armed men and raped five women activists who held a rally against the slave trade. On it informs BBC News.

According to police, the girls were dragged into a car and taken to a “remote place”. Later it became known that we are talking about the jungle. The guards added that investigating this case, but so far no one was arrested. Currently, girls are under police protection.

the Victims are working in non-profit organizations. It is noted that they held a street action in the form of a performance in a remote district Khunti.

Khunti is one of the Indian areas where trafficking flourishes. Basically there are kidnapped girls, who were then often sent out as domestic workers in rich homes of Delhi and other major cities.

According to estimates of the police, from 2005 to 2015 in five Indian districts was stolen about four thousand children.