Against us missiles used by the Russian “Armor”

anti-aircraft missile and gun system “Shell” used in Syria during the reflection shock US, UK and France on April 14. This was stated by the representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, only in Syria to repel the attack used 112 anti-aircraft missiles, dobavlaet TASS. Was involved and complex “Pantsir-S1” which “showed almost a hundred percent effectiveness” in air combat.

Konashenkov added that, despite the high rate of Western missiles and a very small effective reflective surface, worked well also complexes of Soviet development, produced over 40 years ago. “In reflection of this missile strike, the Syrian government forces used air defense systems: s-200, s-125, “OSA”, “Square”, “Buk” and “Arrow”,” — said he.

the defense Ministry said that the objects covered by the complexes was not affected. In particular, no serious damage on any airfield of the seven fired, two received minor injuries from seven missiles missed. At the same time towards research infrastructure in the area Barsy and Jaramani fired 30 rounds, of which the Syrian air defense killed only five.

the United States, France and Britain on the night of 14 April struck Syrian sites that allegedly produced and stored chemical weapons. The reason was the message about its application in the city of Duma — the last uncontrolled forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad locality in Eastern Guta. The responsibility for the incident, Western countries put on the Syrian military. OPCW information about the chemical attack is not yet confirmed. The Russian side refers the accusations a provocation.