American frightened neighbors-Muslims, promised to burn their house and landed in jail

American from Tampa (FL) received eight months in prison for racist statements in the address of the potential neighbors of Muslims and threats to burn down the house they wanted to buy. This writes the CNN.

Migrants from India Kadarbhai Asghar Ali (Ali Asgar Kaderbhai) and his wife Sehera in 2016 decided to move to Davis Islands is a prestigious area of Tampa. They looked after the house, we bailed him out and went to the place to the last time before buying, inspect the premises.

at this moment on the territory of the neighbor came David Howard (David H. Howard). The man began to shout at the estate agent and Asgarov. “You lied to me you said that these people will not move into this house! I’ll blow all your fucking window and burn your fucking house!” — shouted the man. He also pointed out that the pair in the area will not be happy. As it turned out, a few days after that, in conversations with neighbors Howard released offensive comments to the family and asked the realtor, “does he inhabit those Asian geeks”.

Asgary after the attacks of men refused to buy the house. According to them, they were incredibly shocked and was seriously injured, as the incident made them think, not whether to hide their faith.

the 59-year-old Howard, after eight months in prison for another two years will be monitored. The man also has to pay a pair of 30 thousand dollars of compensation for a Deposit, which the family has lost, having refused from the transaction.

Sam Howard on the court declared that a good man, dying of AIDS, and the flash of anger allegedly occurred because of steroids that it takes to fight weight loss. In response, the judge noted that the hearing was not about what happened with the man, about his behavior.

Asghar was also sued another resident of Davis Islands. The couple shouted that the Indians “foul area”.