American teacher accused of sex with 13-year-old student

Teacher from the U.S. state of Arizona was accused of having sex with 13-year-old schoolboy. This writes the New York Post.

According to the court, the 27-year-old Brittany Zamora (Zamora Brittany) from 1 February to 8 March, had three times to have sex with a student, and several times engaged in oral sex with him during the meetings in her car. The teenager said that the relationship began after the teacher started flirting with him and sent his photo into the Nude. A woman wrote to him that “wants it every day and a little longer.” Another student also told police that the teacher sent him their pictures.

Zamora were arrested after the events learned about the boy’s parents: they found obscene messages installing on his phone app for monitoring. About it then told the school administration, its members in turn went to the police.

As noted, the Zamora has a husband. The parents of the victim said that the man called the father of a teenager, offered to meet and begged me not to inform the authorities about the incident. He also stated that his wife “made a big mistake, but loves children.”

a Woman may go out on bail in 250 thousand euros, but even if it happens to work in the same school she will continue. What kind of punishment she faces, not reported.