American teacher punished after sex with four students

In the U.S. state of Arkansas teacher accused of sex with students while two of them she slept in one night. Reported by the New York Post.

the 26-year-old Jesse Galin (Jessie Goline) admitted that he had intercourse with four students. She was sentenced to 42 months of imprisonment conditionally. In addition, the girl will make the list of persons who have committed crimes of a sexual nature.

Only one of the victims was a minor. All four of them during his testimony stated that Galen started communicating with them with correspondence. One of the Teens told investigators that the teacher sent him harassing messages and send their intimate photos.

So, once she took the teen from school and drove to his home, where he joined with him in an intimate relationship. He also said that after him in the house of a teacher was another student, with whom she also slept.