Analysts have called the “worst nightmare” NATO

Armed to the teeth with the Kaliningrad region is the “worst nightmare” NATO. This writes the National Interest.

the Publication notes that due to the geographical location of this region, Russia can neutralize the efforts of the military Alliance. Units stationed in Kaliningrad, have a very strong pre-emptive strike potential not only against neighbors Poland and Lithuania, but also of any other member of NATO in the area.

the Biggest threat to the military Alliance in the Kaliningrad region are deployed ballistic missiles “Iskander-M” and the ships of the Navy. The publication explains that NATO currently has very little ability to resist them.

Divisions, equipped with rocket complexes “Iskander-M”, have been moved to Kaliningrad oblast in order of exercises. However, the only missile brigade permanently deployed in the region, is still equipped with the previous generation complexes “Tochka-U”. This is one of only two missile brigades of Russia’s ground forces, still not received “Iskander” on Board.

on 10 February, the representative of the Ministry of defense johnny Michael said that the deployment in the Kaliningrad region operatively-tactical complexes “Iskander” does not violate any bilateral agreements between the USA and Russia. While the Pentagon said that the deployment in the Western region of the Russian Federation ballistic short-range missiles is “an unfortunate destabilizing step, contributing to the heightening of tensions between Russia and its neighbors”.

Operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander-M” was developed in the 1990-ies and adopted in 2006. the range of the missile is 500 km for the export version — 280 kilometers. Aeroballistic missiles “Iskander-M” are managed throughout the flight, making its path difficult to predict and complicates the interception of the existing missile. Also the system can use high-precision cruise missiles.