Assad refused to believe the war in Syria, the civil

Syrian President Bashar Assad in an interview NTV he said that in his country there is no civil war.

“the Civil war based on sectarian, ethnic, religious and other conflicts. We don’t have that. You can go anywhere, particularly in government-controlled regions, where you can see all the layers of the Syrian society, living peacefully side by side, it is a fact,” said the President. According to him, over the years, the Syrian society has become more cohesive.

Asad says that currently in Syria there is a war with mercenaries and terrorists.

in addition, the President said that his fellow citizens will be able to rebuild the country. According to him, to ask for help to the Western countries, the Syrian government does not intend. Assad believes that these States are far from the concept of “honesty”.

In mid-April, the Syrian President said that the rebuilding of infrastructure in his country would require about $ 400 billion, and it all may take 10-15 years, said TASS.