Assad was accused of sacuvani own people

Syrian government forces and their supporting groups have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the siege of the Eastern ghouta district near Damascus, captured by militants. About it said in a new report, the independent international Commission UN to investigate human rights violations in Syria. Excerpts from it leads Reuters.

Observers suggest that loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad forces surrounded Huta in 2013, and then resorted to “medieval warfare”. During the “longest siege in modern history,” they deliberately starved 265 thousand local residents, thus exhausting both the militants and civilians. As noted, these tactics are illegal by nature.

in addition, the UN Commission reported that the Syrian military allegedly deliberately bombed hospitals in besieged towns, depriving the injured of the ability to help. “Thanks to widespread and systematic shelling of residential areas and civilian infrastructure, the denial of food and medicine (…) Pro-government forces have committed crimes against humanity,” the report said.

However, the fault is not only Pro-Assad group, but also the opposition forces and terrorists. As indicated, the siege of ghouta does not justify the shelling of residential areas of Damascus, aimed at intimidating the population. They killed and injured civilians. In addition, the region was controlled by militants groups “Jaish al-Islam”, “Ahrar al-sham”, “Falak ar-Rahman” and “Hayat Tahrir al-sham” (banned in Russia) who was regularly arrested and tortured by representatives of local religious minorities.

the Report is based on 140 interviews, photos, and videos, satellite imagery and medical records. It also notes that in the gut at least four times for the year 2018 was used chlorine, but the investigation is continuing.