Assange was deprived of communication with the outside world

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange living in the Embassy of Ecuador in London for five and a half years, deprived of contact with the outside world. About it reports on Wednesday, March 28, the Ecuadorian government, according to Sputnik.

according to the statement, the man turned off all his communication “because of the violation of a written promise given at the end of 2017”. It was not obliged Assange to write messages that would constitute interference in the Affairs of other countries.

Supporters of WikiLeaks founder urged people to gather outside the Embassy to get the Ecuadorian side to get him access to the network.

Last post Assange wrote on his page on Twitter 27 March. It was the response of British policy, who called him a “miserable little worm.”

In January it was reported that the health of WikiLeaks founder caused concern for doctors. After examination of the journalist, the doctors said that seclusion is bad for his body and mind.