Authorities in Florida have allowed armed volunteers to guard schools

the Senate of the state of Florida (USA) approved the document on security in schools to prevent mass murders. Document published the legislature.

Among other things, it includes a clause allowing the Sheriff to hire armed volunteers who will engage in the protection of schools. Voluntary guards will have to pass the 132-hour course for safety and training in the field of firearms, to obtain permission from a psychologist, and in the process to take a drug test.

While teachers of secondary schools will not be able to be volunteers, despite earlier offer U.S. President Donald trump to allow teachers to come to class with weapons.

In the United States the right to arms guaranteed by the Second amendment to the Constitution, however, the laws regarding carrying weapons vary from state to state. The Federal government has identified a number of sites, including schools, finding a weapon which is forbidden.

the Mass murder of pupils at a school in Florida was committed on 14 February. In the result, 17 people were killed and at least 14 were injured. Shooter Nicholas Cruz was detained. Later it turned out that he studied in this school.