Became aware of the existence of a “Newbie” of the German secret service

the Federal intelligence service (BND), Germany in 1990-ies received a sample of the toxic substance “Beginner”, which, presumably, was used in the poisoning of former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in British Salisbury. To such conclusion the German journalists after a joint investigation by the two Newspapers Die Zeit and the Süddeutsche Zeitung and television stations NDR and WDR.

According to their data, German intelligence agencies have appealed to the Russian scientist-chemist, who for some time was their informant, asking to talk about the latest Russian chemical weapons. Instead, the man and his family promised to move to the West. The scientist agreed, promised to bring a sample of matter.

After the sample “Beginner” came to Germany, it was transferred to the study of one of the chemical laboratories in Sweden. This happened with the consent of the office of the Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Ministry of defence, Germany. Subsequently, the chemists gave it to a formula the staff of the BND.

Journalists have been unable to find out what happened with a sample “Beginner”. We only know that directed by nick BND has shared the breakdown with its allies, including American and British intelligence.