Berlusconi received millions of euros in inheritance from his Secretary

Silvio Berlusconi received three million euros in inheritance from the Secretary of the Council of Ministers of Italy. This writes the La Stampa.

88-year-old single Anna H died 20 days ago and before his death asked lawyers to write a will in favor of Berlusconi for “gratitude for the years of joint work”. The publication notes that the deceased owned three large properties, two Bank accounts and received “excellent retirement”.

January 13, Berlusconi suspect money laundering when the sale of the football club “Milan”, which he owned for 31 years. As the newspaper notes, the amount of 740 million euros, for which Berlusconi sold the team in doubt.

Berlusconi was appointed Prime Minister of Italy in 1994-1995, 2001-2006 and 2008-2011. In 2010, against him, an investigation was initiated on the “case ruby”, in which the Prime Minister was accused of sexual relations with minors. In 2015, the court acquitted Berlusconi, but it cost him the seat of Prime Minister.

Over the years her political activities against Berlusconi was brought about 80 cases, he took part in more than 2.5 thousand court hearings. The politician was accused of corruption, ties to the mafia, he was in the center of a sex scandal. Almost all the charges against him were either withdrawn for a period of years, or he had victory in the appellate courts.