Cambodia has arrested dozens who passed “womb rent” women

In Cambodia, the police uncovered a network of criminal organizations “Womb rent” engaged in illegal provision of surrogacy services. About it reports The Guardian.

was arrested 33 pregnant women and five alleged organizers. According to the Department for combating human trafficking, one of them was Chinese. Children of a surrogate mother harbored for sale in China. “Each of them has promised 10 thousand dollars per child,” — said a police spokesman.

according to the newspaper, the women were at different stages of pregnancy. They all lived together in the house, and to recruit them in the villages.

Surrogacy for commercial purposes is rampant in Cambodia, despite the ban of this practice in 2016. For violation offenders face two to 20 years in prison.

However, childless couples continue to refer to the Cambodian women for such services. One child on average can cost 50 thousand dollars, from eight to ten thousand of whom are paid a surrogate mother.