Canadian Prime Minister tempted by the wife of the Belgian colleagues

Prime Minister Canada Justin Trudeau ignored his Belgian colleague Charles Michel to kiss the cheek of his civil wife Amelie Debuutsingle. It happened when the Prime Minister came to dinner the leaders of the member countries NATO in Brussels on Wednesday, June 11, reports RT. Video posted on Ruptly.

the footage shows that Trudeau is going to shake hands with Michel, but then rushes to his companion. They greet each other with kisses on the cheek, and the head of the government of Belgium while laughing. Then he and Trudeau also had a friendly hug.

the network some users called the incident disgusting and noted that the canadian act very rude to the Prime Minister of the host country for the summit. Others defended Trudeau, putting that it was clearly a joke. Users also agreed that both heads of government have a good sense of humor.