China angered the Japanese Imperial diapers

Named after a Japanese Princess, Chinese diapers angered the Japanese. Citizens demanded the government to sue the manufacturer in court, reports the South China Morning Post.

the name of the 23-year-old granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, Princess Kako came on diapers in the Chinese province of Fujian. Representatives of the Japanese Imperial court, the situation did not comment.

Internet users found the name extremely offensive. “That’s terrible!”, — wrote one of them. Another called the incident a “war”, the newspaper said. Some also suggested that Japanese companies produce toilet paper with the image of the Chinese state leaders.

the company, whose name was not specified, explained that the choice of a trademark stems from the fact that Japan is associated by the customers with good quality. “Children for parents — and princes and princesses, so we decided to call diapers “Princess” and then added “.””, he said.