China has secretly placed the missiles on disputed Islands

Chinese Authorities have placed the missiles on disputed Islands in the South China sea. On it informs TV channel CNBC, citing sources.

According to media reports, the weapons in the past 30 days was delivered to the Spratly Islands, which are claimed by six countries. It is noted that the missile system, which would enable China to strike by the courts in a radius of 295 nautical miles (475 kilometers). The range of the missiles of a class “earth-air” — 160 nautical miles (257 kilometres).

According to the Pentagon, the United States has regularly urged China and other countries to abandon the development of the disputed territories. He noted that the militarization of the territory will lead to increased tensions between States.

a Number of Islands in the South China sea is disputed by China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam. The most hard things with the Scarborough reef and the Spratly archipelago (the latter is rich in oil and gas).