Cindy Fish jailed

the Court of the Thai city of Pattaya has appointed a measure of restraint Anastasia Vashkevich (Nasty Fish), Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie) and the other defendants in the conduct of the illegal “sex training” in the country. It is reported RIA Novosti on Friday, April 13.

the Accused was taken into custody. “Tonight they will be transferred to the city jail of Pattaya. The next court hearing on this case will be held on April 24,” — reports the words of the Secretary of the court Agency.

the Meeting was held behind closed doors. It was attended by only the judge, the Secretary, the defendants, their assistants counsel and the interpreter.

the Defendants are accused under three articles: the organization of a criminal Association, conspiracy consisting of more than five people to commit a crime, the organization of granting of services of a sexual nature with third parties with the consent of those persons in the criminal group. According to the law of the country, the measure will be extended by the court every 12 days.

This is the second case brought against the Fish. Meeting on the first case on charges of illegal entrepreneurship and employment held April 17.

Nasty Fish and nine others were arrested by Thai police in February. To date, the court sentenced three of them to probation, fines and deportation. Two Russians have already sent home, the Belarusian had to sit on the plane on 5 April, however, due to the new application, his deportation was postponed indefinitely.