Convicted abortion a woman prematurely released 15 years later

In El Salvador, a woman sentenced to 30 years in prison for an abortion, was released 15 years later. On it informs BBC News.

the country’s Supreme court decided to reduce the punishment for Mayra Veronica Figueroa is Marroquin (Maira Verónica Figueroa Marroquín), which in 2003 was charged with premeditated murder of his unborn child. The woman did not plead guilty at the trial claimed that she suffered a miscarriage.

After his release, Figueroa said he wants to begin to study law to understand what happened to her and other women convicted of abortion. “I’ll start all over again and make up for lost time”, she added.

In February it was reported about another woman, which reduced the term of punishment for abortion. Theodore Vasquez (Teodora Vásquez), also sentenced to 30 years in prison, served only 10 years old.