Crashed Nepal plane landed on the wrong side

the Plane that crashed at the international airport of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu was landing on the wrong side. About this informed the head of the air Harbor, the Rajkumar Chhetri (Rajkumar Chhetri), reports The Kathmandu Post.

According to him, the controllers allowed the aircraft to land from the South, however, the plane headed for a landing from the North. The pilot stated that the crew is all right. Then instead of having to land on the North side, the plane made two circles and turned around for landing from the North-East.

In the new issue managers, the commander reiterated that he’s all right and that he is ready for boarding. The observation that the position of the aircraft is not suitable in order to do this, there was no answer, said Chhetri.

In the end the aircraft during landing flying right over the control tower. “He touched the ground next to a parked aircraft struck a fence on the East side of the airport and fell down to where it was a little lower,” — said the man and added that the aircraft miraculously caught standing on the tarmac the plane.

After the incident, the plane was on the football field and burst into flames. The fire was quickly extinguished.

On Board were 71 people — 67 passengers and four crew members. From the wreckage managed to get 22 survivors, they are in the hospital. Another 49 people were killed.