Daughter trump wanted to show a smattering of Chinese and disgraced

Ivanka trump, the daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump, published in Twitter saying and mistakenly attributed it to the Chinese. The discrepancy drew the attention of the experts and Chinese Internet users.

“”Those who say that to do something is impossible should not interrupt those who are doing” — Chinese proverb”, she wrote.

No relationship between the post Ivanka trump and Chinese language there, except that the proverb “there is something symmetrical and repetitive in both parts of the phrase, the words” reported ABC News Larry Hasberg, the author of a book on Chinese Proverbs and Chinese language teacher in one of the colleges of the U.S. state of Michigan.

“There is a perception that the Chinese philosopher Confucius had some kind of digestible wisdom. However, all such quotes are more like notes from the fortune cookie”, he concluded.

Reuters writes that users of Chinese social network Weibo noted that Westerners often make such mistakes, but they are also inherent in the Chinese against Western culture. At the same time, some users claimed that the saying actually belongs to Irish writer George Bernard Shaw, others believed that its author is American novelist James Baldwin.