Developer “Newbie” compared poisoning Skipala and the storming of “Nord-OST”

a Former Colonel of the GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, most likely, was poisoned with fentanyl — a substance that is used for the manufacture of drugs. This was stated by RIA Novosti one of the developers of chemical weapons a “Beginner” he rink.

“Every year in Britain die 2,5 thousands of people from ventanilla poisoning, because there are fashionable drugs”, — he noted.

According to Rink, in Russia fentanyl was used to manufacture painkillers for the army and special equipment for law enforcement agencies. In particular, the gas on its base was used during the assault of the theatrical centre on Dubrovke in Moscow where terrorists keep in hostages of spectators of a musical “Nord-OST”. “Painting with Kripalani was the same, especially the recovery after the poisoning,” — said the expert.

He added that the findings the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) that Skrobala was poisoned with a toxin of high purity, only confirms the fact that used in the Salisbury substance could not be his design. According to him, “Rookie” is a very unstable substance, so the scene most likely would have found no toxic substances, non-toxic decomposition products of the poison.

“If the gel-like substance, which the British found on the door handle of the house Skrobala was pure substance “Beginner”, Skrypali not be moved away from the door and 50 meters. They would have died immediately,” — concluded the rink.

the OPCW on 12 April confirmed that Skrobala poisoned nervously-paralytic substance. However, the report does not mention the name “Beginner”. UK felt the conclusions of the organization proof of guilt Russia in the attack on former spy. On 14 April the head of the Russian Mead Sergei Lavrov, referring to the examination in a Swiss lab, said that in case of poisoning Skripal had used the substance BZ produced in the USA and other countries NATO.