Director of the prestigious schools are fully “fingered” a student on crutches and ended up in court

Director of the prestigious girls ‘ school in the British city of Bristol was accused of sexually abusing a student, which at that time was 16 years old. Reported by the Daily Mail.

the 46-year-old Alistair Perry indicted on two episodes. Under the statement of the victim in the first case, a man — Executive Director, was established in 1891, the school of Colstons (Colston”s Girls’ School) — helped her with her math. He invited the girl home and explained the material, when she sat at the table in the bedroom. “Suddenly he stood behind me and started massaging my shoulders, pulled a hand under my bra and started touching, massaging there. It lasted about 10 minutes, and he tried to kiss me,” she said.

then Perry apologized for the incident, but then continued through her parents to offer help with homework. The girl refused, but then was again the man of the house, when she was asked to babysit. “I thought that it will not. When I arrived, his wife said he was not yet out and finish school and will join her in half an hour”, she explained.

Later, a man descended into the room to the girl to “keep her company”, and called his wife to say he’s not going anywhere. “I was sitting on the couch, he walked over, lifted me up, placed her on his knees and began to do different things. I was on crutches and could not leave (…) His hands were wandering everywhere under my clothes. It lasted a long time, and then his wife came back”, — was said in the recordings that were heard at the meeting.