Disclosed the problem of sexual abuse of children on U.S. military bases

the Agency Associated Press investigate sexual abuse cases among children living on U.S. military bases. The journalists managed to identify more than 600 incidents since 2007, using interviews, records and data the four main military units and schools of the Pentagon in the country and abroad.

we are talking about the violence of one minor over others. It is noted that reports of such cases often “die” on the desks of prosecutors, even if the guilty party owns up. The attack, for which civil society is followed by punishment and rehabilitation programs on military bases are ignored, says the AP.

Tens of thousands of children living on the territories of military units not covered by military law, experts explain. They are under the jurisdiction of the Pentagon and the US justice Department.

the Agency cites an example: at the U.S. base in Japan 17-year-old boy took his own age to her home and raped, which was confirmed by medical examination of the girl, but the case was dropped, prosecutors prefer not to deal with such cases.

“Armed forces — a huge field for work. But the military wants to hide what is happening because the people expect from them certain things and they try to maintain the image,” — says one of the victims at the base in Germany Leander Mullah that ex-girlfriend dragged me to a secluded place, and then ran his hand down her pants.

Rapists, emphasizes AP, do not get any psychological treatment or punishment — some are relocating to other military facilities or to civilian life. For example, when 10-year-old boy admitted to sexual harassment of his two sisters, lawyers, and investigators could do nothing to help, and the family had to move.