Disclosed the purpose of the change of the head of the state Department

the US President Donald trump has replaced the heads of the state Department and the CIA to form a new team before negotiations North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. About the Agency Reuters according to a source in the White house.

According to him, the President wanted the new Secretary of state took office before the start of meetings with representatives of North Korea and negotiations in the field of trade.

At the same time, trump explained to journalists that the resignation of Rex Tillerson to the post of head of the Department of state was discussed for a long time. It is connected with differences in opinions, reports Associated Press. As an example the President cited a deal on Iran. According to him, he is ready to break, and the Secretary of state believed that she was all right.

the Us President also believes that after leaving office Tillerson “will be much happier.” Trump added that gets along well with the new head of the state Department Mike Pompeo, and the mental process they are very similar.

While the state Department said that the President personally explained to the Secretary the reason for the dismissal.