Drug dealers ruined the guards stay at the bar

In the Spanish province of Cadiz on the staff of the civil guard of the country, vacationing in a bar was attacked by members of the local drug mafia. About it reports The Local.

the Nine officers of the elite unit attacked a crowd of 40 people gathered at the nearby University. Some of them, presumably, is related to the underworld, the newspaper said. No injuries were reported, but police had fired warning shots from a service weapon to stop intruders.

“the mafia Before we escaped, and now a new generation of drug traffickers enters into open confrontation with law enforcement, they have guns there,” said police spokesman Alberto Moya (Alberto Moya).

He added that criminal groups hire young people because the unemployment rate in the regions where drug trafficking, especially developed, is very high. Moya also noted that many police officers refuse to work in dangerous areas because they fear for their families.

According to the version of the civil guard, the attack is revenge for the outbreak in the province, the fight against drug trafficking and the increased number of seizures of cocaine (300 percent in 2017). At the same time, the Minister of internal Affairs Juan Ignacio Zoido believes that the incident is just the manifestation of street aggression and has nothing to do with crime. However, according to him, the identity of the 10 attackers managed to install two of them are related to drug trafficking.