Ecuador estimated spending on entrenched in the Embassy Assange

Ecuador’s Government has spent at least $ 5 million on the security of the founder of the WikiLeaks Julian Assange, hiding in the country’s Embassy in London for over five years. About it reports The Guardian.

According to the publication, the Ecuadorian government hired agents who verify all visitors to Assange. In addition, they monitor all the actions of Assange and Embassy staff and British police.

it is Noted that the WikiLeaks founder was visited by the representatives of right-wing European parties, hackers, lawyers and journalists.

foreign Minister of Ecuador Maria Fernanda Espinosa said that Assange continues to remain isolated from the outside world.

In early January of this year was known that the Embassy of Ecuador in London, wanted to expel Assange because of his domestic habits and lack of basic hygiene.

In January it was reported that the health of WikiLeaks founder caused concern for doctors. After examination of the journalist, the doctors said that seclusion is bad for his body and mind.