Estimated possible prison term Nasty Fish

Anastasia Vashkevich (Nastia Fish) and Alexander Kirillov (Alexco Leslie), and other defendants suspected of carrying out illegal sex-training in Thailand, faces new accusations of rape and prostitution from three to 20 years in prison. It follows from the text of the relevant articles of the Criminal code of the Kingdom, according to RIA Novosti.

As it became known to the Agency, the main accused in the rape and prostitution is one of the men arrested along with Fish and Leslie in Pattaya. For all other defendants in the case are as his partners.

For rape in Thailand expected term of four to 20 years in prison and a monetary fine ranging from eight thousand to 40 thousand baht (270 to 1.3 thousand dollars). The organization of prostitution is punishable by imprisonment for a term of years up to 10 years and a fine from two to 20 thousand baht (70 to 700 dollars). Partners in crime receive a punishment of two thirds of the punishment to which sentence of the main accused.

Nasty Fish and nine others were detained by Thai police for hosting sex workshops in February. To date, the court sentenced three of them to probation, fines and deportation. Two Russians have already sent home, the Belarusian had to sit on the plane on 5 April, however, due to the new application, his deportation was postponed indefinitely.

the Trial of Fish, Leslie, and the remaining five detainees scheduled for April 17. Their lawyer asked the court to postpone the hearing to an earlier date, because the accused willing to accept guilt.

4 April accused of rape and prostitution.

After the arrest in February Fish addressed to American journalists with a proposal to talk about the ties of the President of the United States Donald trump and his entourage with Russia, which allegedly “knows a lot”. Alex Leslie later wrote letter to the American Consulate with a request to give him and the girl political asylum.