France after bombing Syria published a report on the use of chemical weapons in the Duma

France has published a report proving that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Duma. It is reported Reuters on Saturday, April 14.

French intelligence services said that it had reviewed the testimony of witnesses, photo and video materials from the scene of the alleged chemical attack in the Duma. According to them, the evidence confirms that the chemical attack was indeed.

As stated in the document, France is unable to confirm that the opposition forces in Huta has access to chemical weapons. In addition, according to the French intelligence services, the official Damascus might have had chemical weapons stockpiles, including sarin and mustard gas.

the Report was declassified and published after a joint airstrike USA, France and UK on Syria.

on April 14 the President of the United States Donald trump ordered on the point of bombing Syria in response to the application of the “monster” of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus. The RAID lasted about 50 minutes. According to him, the military operation held together with France and great Britain, and its goal is to prevent new cases of attacks with weapons of mass destruction.