Germany has offered to help the West to negotiate with Russia

Germany is ready to become a mediator between the West and Russia to resolve the conflict in Syria. This was announced by the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas, reports Reuters.

“We must use the situation [in Syria] to resume the political process. In this conversation, we need Russia”, — he said, noting the need “to keep the window for dialogue with the Kremlin open.”

the Options for cooperation with Russia, the country’s “Big seven” have discuss at the upcoming summit in Toronto, Canada. Earlier, the foreign Ministers of the G7 countries issued a joint statement on the case of former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, is poisoned in the UK.

Meuse 13 APR said that the West should increase pressure on Russia in connection with events in Syria. It also has a positive estimated the decision of European countries to expel Russian diplomats for “business Skripal”.

In both cases, the Maas emphasized the important role of Moscow in the Affairs concerning the solution of regional conflicts.

the United States, France and Britain attacked Syrian targets, where, presumably, were produced and stored chemical weapons. The reason was the message about its application in the city of Duma — the last uncontrolled forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad locality in Eastern Guta. German Chancellor Angela Merkel before this said that Germany would not participate in military action in Syria.