Going to chop the gay neo-Nazi got to the mental hospital

Homophobic-neo-Nazi sent to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely for planning attacks on gays during a theme party at one of the bars in the UK. About it reports The Mirror.

Stable Ethan (Ethan Stables) recognized “a very dangerous threat to society.”

Police seized 20-year-old Stables on the way to school in the city of barrow-in-Furness last summer. He received the complaint after his Facebook he posted a record of that “going to war” and plans to kill “every one of these homosexual”.

the Man also recorded a video in which he burns the flag colors of the rainbow and posing on the background of the swastika.

As writes the edition, at the time of arrest if it did not find weapons, but at home he kept an ax, a machete and knives, which presumably were going to use for murder. Over his bed hung a flag with Nazi symbol. Investigators also found that the man searched the Internet for information on how to create a bomb with their hands, what they do in prison convicted for murder and whether to allow inmates to get a haircut.