I have found the suppliers of elite alcohol sanctions to North Korea

the UN Security Council prepares a report, which will be named as suppliers of luxury items to North Korea to bypass the sanctions. On it informs BBC News.

According to the draft of the forthcoming instrument, which was made available to journalists, two of the Singaporean company charged with the delivery of expensive alcohol in the DPRK until the summer of 2017.

Sister company OCN and T Specialist, presumably, signed with North Korea transactions, totaling more than two million dollars from 2011 to 2014. Funds from their Bank accounts of North Korea and Daedong Credit Bank were transferred to the account of the company T Specialist in Singapore.

Firms also are accused of close cooperation with North Korean Ryugyong Commercial Bank, which the US also imposed sanctions in 2017. Both companies said about their lack of involvement in smuggling and fraud and the absence of ties with North Korean banks. At the same time, the Singapore government announced that the authorities knew about the smuggling, and they have already started investigation into the matter.

to Bring the luxury goods to DPRK has been prohibited since 2006.

In 2017, the UN security Council tightened sanctions against Pyongyang. In September, restrictions were imposed on the supply of petroleum products and determined the limit on the supply to North Korea of crude oil. North Korea also were forbidden to buy condensates and natural gas liquids and sell textile products.