Ignored the brothel in their apartments woman suffered the punishment

a Resident of Singapore beh Dian Dian (Beh Dien Dien) received 14 weeks in prison and a fine of eight thousand dollars for something that “didn’t notice” a brothel in the flats, which were rented out. About it reports Channel News Asia.

according to the newspaper, eight times received notice from the police that the room was arrested providing paid sex services of women, but chose to ignore the message. She was accused of the deliberate surrender property to rent for prostitution and in the use of the money received from rendering sex-services to its tenants.

According to information provided to the court, it is handed over 27 rooms in a residential complex. Clients she found through ads and recommendations. In addition, regular residents, she took charge of $ 500, and prostitutes from two to three thousand dollars.

Testimony against beh gave two prostitutes of Chinese origin. Both confirmed that she knew what was happening in the apartments. One of them told me that once in her room had broken air conditioning. The hostess said she’d come by to check, but she waited for the client, as reported by the woman. She promised to come back, afraid to meet with a visitor.

Very beh pleaded not guilty and said he will appeal.