In Florida, teachers were allowed to carry guns in schools

the Parliament of Florida by a narrow margin of votes approved a bill allowing teachers to openly carry guns in state schools. It is reported ABS-news.

the Law provides for raising the age of gun ownership from 18 to 21 years, introduces certain restrictions on the sale of assault weapons, and also allows teachers to openly carry weapons in schools that was banned in all States from 2013. In addition, it aims to increase the number of armed guards in schools.

For the bill voted 67 deputies, against — 50. Before that, on Monday, March 5, the bill passed the state Senate. There he introduced an amendment — teachers will have to pass a special free training in the use of weapons by the police. A final decision on it will take Governor Rick Scott. He stressed that carefully examine the text of the bill and will meet with the families of the victims of the tragedy of the students by finding out their opinion.

the Law came immediately after the tragedy in a school in Parkland on February 14. Then, at the hands of a former pupil of Nicolas Cruz killed 17 teenagers and teachers, injuring 17 people. Aaron Face — school football coach — blocked arrow the arc of fire, allowing the group members to escape. Most of the inhabitants of the state require to sentence Cruz to the death penalty, his lawyers entered into negotiations with the prosecution of life imprisonment.