In France attended homophobes

In France for the second consecutive year, a growing number of attacks on homosexuals, said report the human rights organization SOS Homophobie.

the Number of attacks motivated by hatred towards gays from 2016 to 2017 increased from 121 to 139 (plus 15 percent). In most cases the victims are men (58 per cent) and young people (56 per cent of people under 35 years old).

SOS Homophobie analyzed for 2017 1,650 cases when people have shown hostility towards homosexuals, 1575 — 2016. Most often people Express their attitude through non-violent means: diskriminerad, insult, threaten or blackmail. In 55 percent of cases homophobia “was part of everyday life,” says the report.

the report notes that the organization is ready to fight for the equal rights of citizens, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation, says discrimination is unacceptable and calls upon the government of France and the leadership of the European Union to fight its effects.

In 2016, the young man who defended kissing on the streets of Lyon, homosexual couple, received from the attackers seriously injured. In another described case, the neighbour threatened the pair from Toulouse to organise a gas attack at their house and burn them, noting that “once Hitler has not completed this assignment yet, so I’ll take that”.