In Texas, the school found the explosives

the school in the American city of Santa Fe, Texas, where a shooting killed 10 people, found a homemade bomb. This is stated in the Twitter school district of the city.

an Explosive device was also discovered outside the school, their exact number is not specified. Area residents are urged to be vigilant and report all suspicious items.

Earlier, on may 18 the student made an armed attack in one of the secondary schools in the city. It was the 17-year-old Dimitrios, Pagaltzis (Pagourtzis Dimitrios), reported The Huffington Post. After he was taken into custody.

according to CNN, nine of the dead were students, one teacher. Of the twelve known victims, all of them taken to hospital.

U.S. President Donald trump turned to the victims ‘ families in your Twitter. “This tragedy we are with you and we will be with you always,” he said. The us leader added that he and his administration are doing everything possible to protect students and to prevent similar incidents.