In the Czech Republic was fired is associated with a “Rookie” Director of the Institute

the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic Karel Sletova signed a decree on dismissal of the Director of a military research Institute in Brno, Bohuslav Safaria. About it said on the Agency’s website.

Safaria dismissed in accordance with the law on public enterprises, expressing his gratitude for “years of service”. defense Ministry noted that the scientist remains an employee of the Institute.

Safari told about took place in the laboratories of his business studies chemical substance A-230, known in the West as a chemical warfare agent “Beginner”. To his statement on may 3, appealed to the President of the Czech Republic Zeman that recognized the existence in the Czech Republic of chemical weapons.

Later the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish said that in his country the substance “was not made, was not synthesized and are not stored”. Zeman in response, noted that “without the production of a substance cannot be tested. Otherwise, it contradicts a physical law of the conservation of matter”.