In the United States released imprisoned for slander of 18 black

In the US, from prison freed black man who served 18 years for a murder he did not commit. Writes The Independent, a former prisoner first going to hug my own mother.

David Robinson (David Robinson) was in jail on charges of murdering Sheila Box (Box Sheila) — the co-owner of one of the bars in Sikeston, Missouri. Despite the small amount of evidence, the court in 2001 decided that the man shot her near the house to pick up the day’s earnings. Because he had previously committed drug offences, it was believed that at that time he went on the offense after the transaction for the sale of illegal substances.

During the trial, the police informant in his evidence stated that he had seen Robinson killed a woman. Later it became known that the witness was paid for these words. In addition, the cellmate told the defendant that the man in private conversation confessed to the crime. The lawyers insisted that this is impossible, because prisoners are never kept in one place. Despite this, the court sentenced Robinson to life imprisonment without right to parole.

As noted, after four years in business has a new helper: a man named Romanze Mosby (Mosby Romanze) admitted that he in fact was the killer. According to him, he sold drugs Boxing and he panicked when he saw the woman with the gun. In 2009, Mosby has committed suicide.

Since then, repeated attempts to appeal the decision were denied, and Robinson remained behind bars. However, in February 2017, the judge ruled that evidence linking the men to the murder is not. As he told reporters, his life all these years was like a nightmare and a roller coaster.