In the United States year-old child, voluntarily agreed to move to Honduras

In Arizona (USA) before the court in migration cases appeared year-old child. As informs “bi-Bi-si”, during the hearing the boy was alone, drinking from a bottle and played with the ball, and at the end of the process, gave a loud cry.

the Court considered the right of the child to stay on the territory of the United States. In the end, the decision was made about his voluntary departure from the country, which gives the authorities the opportunity to send him to Honduras, where had already been deported, the father of the child.

During the trial, the judge John Richardson said that he was incredibly hard to hide the embarrassment when you have to ask the lawyer knows his client is the essence of the matter. “Only if you do not assume that a year-old child is able to absorb the migration act,” said he.

In April, the Minister of justice of the United States Jeff sessions has announced a policy of “zero tolerance” for violators of immigration laws. Of migrants who arrived in the States with the children, has separated detained parents were prosecuted, and their children sent to special centres. US law forbids the arrest of children.