Iran and the EU refused to withdraw from nuclear deal

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani commented on the US decision to withdraw from nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic. During a televised address to the nation, he refused to consider the transaction void and stated that it will continue to adhere to the agreements with the five mediators without Washington, reports Reuters.

Rouhani pledged that Tehran will continue to work with the other parties to the transaction, and he has instructed foreign Ministry in the coming weeks to hold talks on this issue with European countries, Russia and China. According to him, “Tehran to fulfill the obligations of the nuclear deal, the US did not do never. Today we got an important historical experience.”

the Iranian leader said that he had instructed the engineers to be ready in case of need to continue the development of the nuclear industry without any restrictions.

at the same time Rouhani was the head of the foreign service European Union Federica Mogherini. According to her, EU will not follow US in this matter, but rather calls upon countries to fulfill obligations under the contract. “The European Union intends to respond in accordance with their own security interests and to protect their own economic interests”, — said Mogherini.

French President Emmanuel macron also addressed trump’s decision, saying that France, Germany and the UK regrets the step of Washington. According to him, the act of the President of the United States jeopardized international regime of nuclear non-proliferation.

Earlier, on 8 may, the trump said that Washington is out of the nuclear deal with Iran. He has promised to introduce the highest level of sanctions against the Islamic Republic and threatened that the country will continue cooperation with Iran in circumvention of U.S. sanctions, will face “grave consequences”.