Iran has threatened to resume uranium enrichment

Iran will resume uranium enrichment if the way is found to preserve the agreement on the nuclear program of the country after leaving the US deal. This was stated by the representative of the Iranian government, Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, reports Reuters citing the Agency Tasnim.

According to Nobakht, if the interests of Tehran are not observed and followed, he would abandon the agreement. “We will resume enrichment to 20 percent or any other necessary for the country level,” he said.

the present conditions, Iran is allowed to enrich uranium to 3.67%.

may 8, the President of the United States Donald trump announced on the country’s withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program — transactions which imposes restrictions on the activity of Tehran in the nuclear field in exchange for the lifting of sanctions UN security Council and the restrictive measures previously imposed by the United States and EU.

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani in turn, said that Tehran will not abandon the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) and will continue to comply with their obligations. Refused to withdraw from the agreement countries of the EU.