Iran prepared to counter the “American intrigues”

Tehran will resist Washington’s decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal and not to extend the lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic, if it is taken. This was stated by the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani, reports Reuters.

“If America leaves the nuclear agreement, she will regret this so as not regretted never in the history — said Rouhani. — Our organization on atomic energy and the economic sector will counter the us machinations against our country.”

a Senior Iranian official told Reuters that the US withdrawal from the agreement will make Rouhani politically vulnerable and “will hurt its legitimacy abroad.” The failure of trump from the terms of the deal mean for the Iranian President to the complexity in the development of relations with the West, says the Agency.

trump should announce the final decision on the nuclear agreement on may 12, when the term of freezing sanctions against Tehran. The US partially lifted them in January 2016, including a ban on Iranian oil exports, the restrictions associated with creation of ballistic missiles, Washington upheld.