Italy wanted to return Russia to the “Big eight”

the New Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte supported the proposal of the President of the United States Donald trump to return to Russia in the “Big eight”.

“I agree with President trump, Russia needs to go back to G8. This conforms to the common interests”, — he wrote in his Twitter.

Earlier, us President during the summit “the Big seven” in Canada, said that Russia should return to the club. “Whether you like it or not, maybe it’s not politically correct, but we need the world to manage, and the “Big seven” that was “eight” has thrown out from Russia,” gave his speech Bloomberg. According to trump, “Russia must return and be present at the negotiating table”.

June 4, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced reporters that the G8 is losing its relevance for the Russian side. According to him, more current formats such as “Big twenty”, in which Russia takes an active part. Would the Kremlin to join the “eight” in the case of a proposal, Peskov did not specify.