Kurdish infantry decided to rebuff Turkish tanks

In the Syrian district of Afrin, where Turkey continues a military operation against the Kurds, sent new reinforcements. About it reports on Sunday, March 11, Telegramchannel 4 Directorate, which deals with the review of the activities of the terrorists.

According to him, several buses with Kurdish infantry, armed with small arms, moved to Afrin from the city of Qamishli. At the same time leaving the Pro-government district of the Syrian formation, previously arrived from Aleppo to support the Kurds. “Apparently, they did not wait, when the Turkish armed forces and his fighters capture the town Kimar and thereby cut off the road,” the authors of the channel.

March 10 reported the Turkish air force conducted the first bombing of the Central part of the Syrian Afrin. Before the troops took it the nearest major suburbs of Rajo and Gingeras, where the first lines of defense of the Kurds and militias. Ankara during its offensive uses heavy equipment, as well as launch air strikes on the territory.

Turkey is in ‘ afrīn the operation “Olive branch” against the forces of the Kurds since January 20. Troops help the insurgents “free Syrian army” (FSA), one of the largest associations of armed groups in Syria, who are fighting with the government.