Lavrov appreciated the attempt to work with the United Kingdom in the case Skripal

Progress in cooperation between Russia and the United Kingdom in the case of the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter there. This was stated at a press conference on Wednesday, March 14, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, progress instead of regressing, and London continues to play political scene. Lavrov pointed out that the parties need to consult on the situation, but there was no official request in connection with the case. “We, in turn, officially notified the British that we will be ready to answer your query, if this query they formulate on the basis of their own British obligations under the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons,” he said.

the Minister stressed that the accusations of Moscow’s involvement in the poisoning of former spy “is not very solid and not very serious,” and based only on suspicion. In this regard, the United Kingdom “without providing specific facts will have to answer for the blatant attempt to grossly mislead the world community”, he added.

“In the Western media has been presented many arguments in favor of the fact that Russia has no motives could not be, as they could be and probably was to those who would like to continue Russophobic campaign in all without exception spheres of human activity,” — said the Minister.

March 4, Skripal, who received asylum in the United Kingdom in 2010, and his daughter was found unconscious in a Park in the town of Salisbury. Currently both are in hospital in critical condition. According to the British side, they were poisoned with nerve agent. It is believed that they could be “Beginner”, allegedly developed in the Soviet Union.

Prime Minister Theresa may has put forward an ultimatum to Moscow, according to which within 24 hours she had a plausible explanation. Russia rejects involvement in the incident and no official requests and access to the case file is not going to respond to any ultimatums.