Lavrov has threatened the supply of s-300 to Syria

Moscow has no more moral obligations, does not allow to supply weapons to Syria. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov in an interview RIA Novosti.

In particular, it was about the delivery of the Damascus anti-aircraft missile complexes (ZRK) With-300. “We had a moral obligation, we promised not to do it somewhere else ten years ago at the request known to our partners. (…) Now we have a moral obligation there,” he said.

Earlier, Lavrov said that “after the outrageous act of aggression by the US, France and the UK” Russia will consider different options of ensuring the security of the Syrian state, including the delivery of s-300.

Experts Directorate 4 told that armed Syrian army are Soviet and Russian air defense systems s-75, s-125, s-200, “Cube”, “Carapace-C1”, “Buk-M1” and “Buk-M2”. In January it became known that the reduction of grouping of the Russian Armed forces in Syria on the base Hamim will a powerful defense system, including anti-aircraft missile system s-400.