Lodged in the Embassy, Assange decided less to protect

the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno ordered to reduce the number of guards at the country’s Embassy in London, allocated to ensure the safety of the founder of the WikiLeaks Julian Assange. On Friday, may 18, according to Agency Reuters.

“now the Embassy should be a routine for the Ecuadorian diplomatic missions, the number of such employees,” the statement said the administration.

In March this year, the Ecuadorian government has deprived Assange of communication with the outside world, noting that it broke in 2017, a promise “not to distribute messages that would constitute interference in the Affairs of other countries.”

in Addition, in Quito, said that the country “reserves the right to take other measures in connection with the failure of Assange its obligations.” What are the steps discussed, is not specified.

may 16, reported that the government of Ecuador has spent at least $ 5 million on security for WikiLeaks founder hiding in the country’s Embassy in London for more than five years.

foreign Minister of Ecuador Maria Fernanda Espinosa said that Assange continues to remain isolated from the outside world.

In early January, became known that the Embassy of Ecuador in London, wanted to expel Assange because of his domestic habits and lack of basic hygiene.

Also in January, it was reported that the health of WikiLeaks founder caused concern for doctors. After examination of the journalist, the doctors said that seclusion is bad for his body and mind.