May decide the fate of lovers to take pictures under women’s skirts

Accused of upskirting — photographing girls under skirts without their consent — will be sent to prison for two years and recorded in the public registry of perpetrators of sexual offences. This was announced by Prime Minister Theresa may, reports The Independent.

Theresa may has confirmed that a new law introducing punishment for the unlawful photographing, will be presented on Thursday, June 21, which will allow to discuss it in detail before the summer break.

“[Upskirting] — it is a disgusting invasion of privacy that makes the victim feel humiliated. We will ensure that the most serious offenders were added to the registry of sex offenders, and the victim should be assured that their complaints will be taken seriously and perpetrators will be punished,” said Mei.

Criminal prosecution for upskirting today can be accomplished through the law on harassment or violation of public order, however, the new law will bring it into a range of sexual offences.

16 June it became known that the British MP Tory MP Christopher chope blocked the adoption of a law prohibiting upskirting. After that the indignant artist and activist Lorna Rice (Lorna Rees) hung stretching on his door, on which hung three objects of underwear with the phrase: “no One should be able to take pictures of my panties while I don’t want to.”