Meat sausages have caused mass deaths

the cause of an outbreak of listeriosis in South Africa, which killed 180 people, became cold dried sausages. This was stated by Rospotrebnadzor on its website.

In January 2017, the CPS warned about the outbreak of listeriosis in South Africa. As a result of illness from January 2017 died 180 people, accounting for 27 percent of all cases.

“In 91% isolated from patients’ blood samples, which have been analysed at the National Institute of communicable diseases South Africa (NICD), was isolated the causative agent of listeriosis — a strain of ST6. The same strain was isolated in samples taken in different areas of ready to eat dried meat sausages. In 83 percent of patients the disease began after eating such sausages”, — stated in the message.

Investigation revealed that all the varieties of sausage which are eaten cases of listeriosis, was produced at the enterprises of Food Enterprise and RCL Foods in the city of Polokwane. The products have already been withdrawn from the stores.

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection which mainly is caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria infects the Central nervous system and can cause meningitis and encephalitis.

In mid-February revealed that revealed Listeria in chicken hearts of many Russian manufacturers.